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7 Helpful Tips for Selling Your Home! 


Get Ready to List!


Clean and Shine

Put extra emphasis on your kitchen and bathroom. Replace moldy shower curtains and clean mold and mildew off of bathroom tiles. Caulk if necessary. Repair leaky faucets and replace cracked toilet seats. Ensure that the toilet flushes properly. Make certain that the drains are unclogged. Everything should sparkle — faucets, floors, counters, mirrors. What can be cleaned, should be! In the kitchen, clean the stove and refrigerator, organize the cupboards and wash the floor. Make certain your appliances work. Wipe the walls, touch-up paint or re-stick wall paper if necessary. Clean the sink and ensure that it drains properly and the faucet doesn’t leak. When your home is shown, make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink and don’t forget to take out garbage out!

Examine All Doors and Windows

That means all interior and exterior doors. Look for structural or surface damage. Do the doors need repainting? Do the hinges squeak? Are the door knobs worn – and do they work? Are the windows drafty or are they properly caulked? Are they easy to open? Are they clean? It goes without saying that all window panes should be crystal clear and unbroken.

Take a Good Look At the Basement

If it is finished, make sure that it is as spotless as the rest of your home. If it is used as a storage area, eliminate the clutter and organize all boxes. (This will also help you with the move!) Check for any signs of dampness.

Have the Plumbing and Electricity Checked

Are there leaky pipes or electrical outlets that don’t work? Have them repaired before you put your home on the market. Also, it’s a good idea to replace any broken switch or outlet covers and match switches and covers to the room décor.

Make Sure the Furnace and Air Conditioner Work

Replace the furnace filter, and have the furnace and air conditioner professionally serviced.

Don’t Just Hide Clutter!*

Buyers will look everywhere — into cabinets, under carpets, inside closets. (You think you had it bad with nosy relatives poking around!) Plus, a clean house gives the impression of being larger.

Home Inspection Checklist

Make notes on what needs minor clean up and what needs a major repair. Evaluate your home as if you were a potential buyer, so the key is to be honest with yourself!

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The Offer from the Seller’s Viewpoint

Interested buyers will submit an offer to your real estate agent through their agent. Your agent will take you through the offer to ensure that you understand all aspects of it. Before you accept or sign back the offer, you may wish to take the offer to a lawyer and make certain that ever detail is legally accurate and in your best interest.

Your offer will contain:

    1. The names of the potential purchaser.
    2. Your name.
    3. A description of the property.
    4. The conditions they wish to attach to the purchase:- price- closing date- chattels- survey- home inspection
    5. An irrevocable date (you have until this date to accept, or sign back a counter offer).
    6. It may also contain mortgage details (for instance, the purchaser may wish to assume your mortgage or may wish you to discharge it)

Very often, the first thing vendors look at is the offer’s purchase price. Remember that it is not all yours. You’ll have to pay your:

    1. Lawyer
    2. Real estate agent
    3. Bank (for the balance of your mortgage and for any prepayment or discharge penalties)
    4. Taxes (if there are any outstanding)

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