Are You Fit To Sell - Seller's Guide


Which area’s to focus on and tips to help your property

be show ready!  


Top 6 Areas To Watch When Preparing to Sell!

Before photographs are taken of your home or cottage, we may give an impartial analysis. This will include a detail on how your home relates to “competing” homes on the market, while considering current design and trends that attract buyers. Cottages in Tobermory, Lion’s Head, Wiarton or anywhere else on the Bruce Peninsula having both summer and winter pictures can we very helpful.

With a critical eye, examine your home inside and out. Determine if there are any small repairs or underlying problems that you are aware of. Any small repairs that you are able to complete will help negotiations with buyers. If there are any major repairs, like a leaky basement, you will want to bring them to the attention of your agent.

Browse the specific considerations below. For more information, feel free to Contact Us! We would be pleased to help!

Kitchen & Bath

Put extra emphasis on your kitchen and bathroom. Replace moldy shower curtains and clean mold and mildew off of bathroom tiles. Caulk if necessary. Repair leaky faucets and replace cracked toilet seats. Ensure that the toilet flushes properly. Make certain that the drains are unclogged. Everything should sparkle — faucets, floors, counters, mirrors. What can be cleaned should be!

In the kitchen, clean the stove and refrigerator, organize the cupboards and wash the floor. Make certain your appliances work. Wipe the walls, touch-up paint or re-stick wall paper if necessary. Clean the sink and ensure that it drains properly and the faucet doesn’t leak.

Note: When your home is shown, make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink and don’t forget to take out garbage!

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Floors and Stairs

Check your floors and stairs for anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. You are able to remove and replace damaged tiles individually, and there are plenty of DIY fixes available at your local hardware store.

Doors and Windows

Exterior windows and doors quickly get a weathered look from exposure to the Canadian climate. Consider repainting any surfaces that appear faded or damaged. Also, review your interior window trim to see if a quick coat of paint can resolve any scuffs and smudges.


If your basement is finished, tidy it in the same manner as the rest of your home. An unfinished basement is an opportunity for you to showcase the potential your home has to a potential buyer. If you currently use your basement as a storage area, organize any clutter and store boxes neatly to best showcase your home.


An organized and clean home will appear larger. Ensure that clutter is not just hidden, but organized is the best approach. Buyers will look in drawers, cabinets and closets. Hiding the clutter in those places will make them seem smaller and overcrowded.  There are some Great Thrift Shops in Tobermory, Lion’s Head, Wiarton and Owen Sound where you can drop off your extra items.

Docks & Decks

When selling a waterfront property in Tobermory, Dyers Bay, Stokes Bay, or anywhere on the Bruce Peninsula, your deck & dock can make or break a sale!

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