The holidays are just around the corner, and while we know they won’t be the same this year, we believe it’s more important than ever to make the most of this time of year. 2020 has been challenging for us all, so why not spread some holiday cheer, start a few new traditions, and support your neighbours. Craft your table with the finest, and enjoy one of the most memorable times of your holiday- family dinner.

Decorations Galore

Are you decorating your home for the season? We hope so! From the halls to the mantlepiece, and everything in between spread holiday cheer far and wide by adding lights, garlands, and homemade decorations. When decorating your home, remember to include your dinner table. From miniature Christmas trees to bowls of pinecones and cinnamon sticks, or a festive candle or two- don’t be afraid to make the dinner table a showstopping sight. We understand that you may not be enjoying dinner with your families, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of sparkle to your holiday meal.

Mix and Match!

Cranberries, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy; a holiday meal features must-have recipes that are timeless favourites. So many times, people are afraid to mix and match when putting together their holiday table, but we say, “go for it!” Feature each element of your meal in a unique dish that means something special to you. When you sit down for dinner, you will be reminded of these memories and moments. If you are worried that your table will look too eclectic, take red and gold ribbons and wrap them around each platter, bowl, ramekin, etc., to tie it all together and add festive colours.

Perfect Pairings

A delicious meal, or table setting for that matter, is not complete without the perfect pairings to go with it. Whether it be wine, whiskey, a cocktail of your choice, or a non-alcoholic drink such as spiced apple cider, begin your search within your neighbourhood. Ontario is comprised of some of the best breweries, and Bruce County is home to several award-winning liqueurs and spirits. When you have chosen the area’s finest, dress your table with a bottle or two. You can even adorn them with a card or bow and deliver them to friends and family who would usually join you for dinner. That way, everyone will be able to enjoy a glass, even while apart.

Cinnamon, Spice and Everything Nice

A holiday table is more than cutlery, dishes and the meal itself. It’s about community, connection, and breaking bread with the people you love. Whether it’s in person with your social bubble or over Zoom, add a few special touches to your evening together. This year, find ways to support local merchants. Handmade cards make the perfect place setting, and small gifts or tokens of appreciation make wonderful plate toppers. When it comes to dessert (can’t forget that), order goodies from a nearby bakery or market. Presenting a plate of fresh holiday desserts, or delivering them with a bow, will genuinely make everyone smile.

The holidays aren’t going to be the same this year, but we can still do what we can to make them unique. Ontario offers incredible local products created with quality in mind. Discover what your area has to offer, and create a holiday table that is truly special.

With tidings of comfort, safety, and joy from the Bruce Peninsula Real Estate Team.