Is Your Home Office Missing These 4 Important Elements?

2021 is now well underway, and as Ontario continues to be in the midst of a lockdown, it led us to think about the good, the bad and the ugly of home offices. Working remotely has grown in popularity over the years, and after the events of 2020, has caused companies to consider making it the norm. Whether or not this will be the case, we hope to share with you four elements most likely missing from your home office, which can make working from home easier for everyone!

Feature Your Favourite Plants

Plant sales skyrocketed in 2020 as more and more people chose to get outside and garden rather than be cooped up indoors. If spending time outdoors in the garden or backyard is so therapeutic, why not bring the outdoors in? Biophilic design has been embraced by major companies worldwide, as it is built on the principle that plants and flowers help boost mood, increase productivity and concentration, and purify the air, among other things. While some businesses spend thousands of dollars bringing natural elements indoors in the form of green walls, gardens and even waterfalls, you can gain the benefits by simply adding a few plants to your office.

By welcoming a few houseplants to your work area, not only will you be able to enjoy watching them grow and gain the benefits mentioned above, but they will help you focus on an element rather than your computer screen. The colour green can assist in offsetting the impact that blue light, generated from technology, can have on the eyes. It is also associated with feelings of relaxation and hope, which we all need a little more of these days!

Let The Light In!

The grey days of winter are here, and we are already looking forward to the sunny days of summer. Winter can be challenging for many people, as endless days of cloud and poor weather can decrease positivity and affect our overall mood. Working from home with limited hours of sunlight throughout the day can also impact productivity and healthy communication with colleagues and clients.

To help you stay focused and provide some relief to the winter blues, consider working from home in a room that allows access to natural light. Spending even a few minutes in the sun each day can do wonders for our health and well-being. Be sure to invest in lamps and other artificial light sources, however, so that on even the greyest of days, you are able to work in a brightly lit space.

Room to Brainstorm

Are you finding that projects, tight timelines and generating new and successful ideas are becoming even more challenging to do? With so much happening in the world each day, it can be almost impossible to stay focused on the task at hand. However, creating a work area that allows for brainstorming and creativity can help you stay on track and generate ideas worth bringing to your team.

Brainstorming with pens, paper or even markers and sticky notes not only allows us to write down what’s on our mind and try new things, but it enables us to engage with our creative side. When we can come up with new ideas, freely and without fear of judgement, we have the opportunity to try new things and implement processes that can benefit us all.

Create a Routine

Whether you are working from home by yourself or are juggling the complexities of helping your children make the most of in-class or virtual learning, creating a routine can help everyone make the most of each day.

No cookie-cutter routine works for every person, as we are all different and have our own schedules and timelines, so instead of becoming overwhelmed by how other people structure their day, do what is best for you!

When it comes to creating a schedule while working from home, we recommend (along with scientists and industry experts) maintaining consistent work hours. Whether you are working from the kitchen table or in a designated work area such as a secondary bedroom, ensure you start and end work at the same time each day, when possible. It can be tempting to send a few emails while watching your favourite show before bed, but put the computer down and enjoy some “you-time!” When you can stick to a routine or schedule every day, it helps you be more productive during work hours and allows you to spend more time doing what you love when the workday is complete.

We understand that working from home has its many benefits but also its many challenges. When creating your home office, whether it be for the short term or for an extended period, be sure to create a space that helps you do your best work.

Continue to stay safe, everyone!