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Tom McAfee

Phone: 519-596-2482


56 Lindsay Road 5,
Lion's Head, ON
N0H 1W0


Office Hours: 

Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Please Note: If you are purchasing a cottage and think you have a good relationship with your branch in the city. THINK TWICE. We have seen many clients, with perfect credit, great jobs, AAA clients, not been able to get the financing they want on the "cottage" and I am talking about major banks. Shelia Hunter knows, lives and works in the area.

Wendy Elliot

519-793-3522 EXT. 227


Cell: 519-379-1040

Office: 519-793-6126

Daniel Robertson: 519-534-1400 ext. 142

Fire Cheif - Wilf Barnes: 519-793-3522 ext. 233

Phone: 519-793-4353


345 Willam St.,
Wiarton, Ontario
N0H 2T0


647 Berford St.,
Wiarton, Ontario
N0H 2T0


Phone: 519-793-3776